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Joan Pina

Memorial created 01-7-2008 by
Joan Pina
Becky Vidmosko
June 20 1985 - July 5 2003

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07-24-2013 4:22 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 ((hugs)) to my dad and my baby girl!!!  Miss yas!! 

07-17-2013 6:58 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 Love & ((hugs)) to my 2 favorite Angels!!  Missing you both so much .


07-16-2013 2:57 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 So happy someone found one of your balloons...I hope you had a great time together!!

Love you baby girl!!!

07-15-2013 8:56 AM -- By: Kaitlyn,  From: Vermont  

I did not know Becky but her spirit and I have traveled quite far together. I found her balloon on July 5th on a canoeing expedition around Little Tupper lake. The exact location of her balloon was in a river south east of Rock lake. She canoed with me for 3 days, we went swimming, camping, ate great food, and more swimming!  Afterwards we decided we needed to go backpacking around Saranac lake. We found random places to camp, that were not designated spots, and we went hiking up Mt. Ampersand. We also went swimming again at a very sweet camping site on lower Saranac lake. Then we traveled to Vermont, where Becky helped me garden, harvest mushrooms, and pick buckets of raspberries. During that time we probably hiked 8 miles. Now we are in CT and we are going to go to the Flaming Lips Concert, make a piece of pottery, and then off to MA where I will wish here well at the ocean. So as you can see Becky found another tomboy with the same love of life. I am also not afraid to say what is on my mind. At her age I loved boys, but these days they have koodies. Thank you for launching a balloon memory, Becky has kept me company while I go on my excursions.
I hope our adventures together brought you a smile.

07-05-2013 1:10 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Lansdale Pa  

Hi My Sweet Becky, sorry I'm a day late, yesterday just wasn't my best day. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family on your 10th anniversary in heaven.

You and Joey, both 10 years, in Sept. it will be 11 for Joey.

Love you Always,

Terrie & Joey

07-05-2013 12:57 PM -- By: Susan Milam,  From: FL  


I pray today you are able to find some peace and comfort in loving, beautiful memories of your Becky. I also pray you feel Becky with you and around you, so you will know she is near. In the whisper of the wind, or the beauty of a song.... 

God bless you,


07-05-2013 11:41 AM -- By: Aunt Patti,  From:  

 Put your angel wings around your Mom, Hollis and your brothers.....you are missed and loved and never forgotten!  Love to my Dad !

07-05-2013 11:18 AM -- By: aunt mary,  From:  

 Becky tinking about you today and everyday

07-05-2013 11:10 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 Missing you baby girl so much ..Love & ((hugs))

07-04-2013 12:26 PM -- By: Aunt Patti,  From:  

 Thinking of you with much love.  Hugs to my Dad...

07-01-2013 9:44 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 Miss you baby girl!!  

07-01-2013 12:53 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 God..I am missing you so much 

06-24-2013 12:55 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 Love, kisses & ((hugs)) for you & Grandpa..miss you guys 

06-20-2013 1:25 PM -- By: Marie,  From:  

Miss you hon. Give Becky a hug for me. Love you both so much.

06-20-2013 1:21 PM -- By: Grandma,  From:  

Happy Birthday  Becky. I miss you so much. I am hoping you are keeping grandpa company.

06-20-2013 1:09 PM -- By: Nick,  From: Webster, NY  

Happy Birthday Becky! Love you and miss you!!

06-20-2013 12:27 PM -- By: Susan Milam,  From: FL  


My heart is with you today as you remember your Becky, and the day she was born. I pray it is a day full of peace and comforting memories of your beautiful daughter.


Susan ~ Clint's Mom   

06-20-2013 12:00 PM -- By: Aunt Patti,  From:  

 Happy heavenly Birthday Becky! Sending love and hugs to you on your special day.....you are loved and missed by so many.   Give my Dad a hug too.  Love and miss you both!

06-20-2013 10:25 AM -- By: Karen Barry,  From: Rochester, NY  

 Happy Heavenly birthday Becky!  I know you have those angel wings wrapped around your mom everyday.

06-20-2013 7:55 AM -- By: Courtney,  From: Webster, ny  

Happy birthday our sweet angel Becky!! I love and miss you so much... I can't believe it's been 10 years... My heart is still heavy but I know you've been there watching us all. Send some love to your mom today... And please give grandpa a big hug from me!! xoxo

06-20-2013 7:49 AM -- By: aunt mary,  From:  

 happy birthday!!   Becky                 miss you girl                                 love you

06-20-2013 6:26 AM -- By: Timmy,  From: Reeds Spring, Missouri  

Just wanted to say Happy Birthday, and not a day goes by that I dont think of youand have you in my thoughts. I love you sis.

06-20-2013 1:18 AM -- By: Aunt Kathy,  From:  

Happy Birthday Becky...love you

06-16-2013 6:17 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 Happy Fathers Day Dad!!!  Love you & miss you dearly 

06-13-2013 1:01 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 ((hugs)) for you & Grandpa..love yas!! 

06-05-2013 9:52 PM -- By: Aunt Patti ,  From:  

Thoughts of you filled my heart  today.  Sending much love to you.  

06-04-2013 1:10 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 Nite baby girl..sending ((hugs)) for you & Grandpa....miss you guys 

05-30-2013 3:14 PM -- By: Marie,  From:  

Hello my precious angels. I miss you so much.

05-30-2013 1:33 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  


05-28-2013 12:19 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 Night sweet cheeks!! Sending ((hugs)) to you & Grandpa 


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