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Joan Pina

Memorial created 01-7-2008 by
Joan Pina
Becky Vidmosko
June 20 1985 - July 5 2003

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06-11-2009 7:33 PM -- By: Aunt Patti,  From:  

Thank you for the dream sweetie!  It was so comforting. Love and hugs to our Becky angel!!!!

06-11-2009 6:32 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Hi sweetie...love & miss you so much! Please keep your Angel wings wrapped around Terry....stay close to him.

06-08-2009 2:30 AM -- By: Aunt Patti,  From:  

Keep Terry safe.  Wrap your angel wings around your Mom, Hollis & your brothers.  Love, Aunt Patti

06-06-2009 12:25 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

God, I miss you so much sweet girl!  It`s tearing me apart....   

Love you baby with all my heart and soul...

06-05-2009 1:12 PM -- By: Aunt Patti,  From:  

My thoughts and prayers are with you as always...It's such a difficult time for your Mom,Hollis & brothers.  Watch over them and keep them safe!  Send them angel hugs & kisses!!  You are always loved and missed by so many...love to our angel Becky!

06-05-2009 1:09 PM -- By: Grandma&Grandpa,  From:  

Hi Sweetie! My heart aches for just one more smile from you.

You are in our hearts and we love and miss you so much.

06-04-2009 3:45 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Pa  

Hi you pretty girl, I love your new picture, I thought I would come by early to wish you a Happy Birthday, while I'm making a card for your Mom (shhhhhh), don't tell her, for her birthday. Have a good time at your party and tell my Joey I said to call me on his angel phone.

Love, Terrie (Joey's Mom)

06-03-2009 11:45 PM -- By: Judy, Jamie~leigh Britt's mama,  From: Vidor, Texas  

Joan, thinking of you and your precious Becky tonite and sending love and prayers across the miles.  God bless you, friend.


Judy, Jamie~leigh's mama

06-01-2009 9:10 PM -- By: cindi dana regans mom,  From: last-memories  

Becky stay close to your family as the journey they take will someday bring them to you. Give them strenghten during the month ahead and let them remember all the precious memories they hold so close to there hearts. </3 ^j^

05-29-2009 2:47 PM -- By: Aunt Kerry,  From: Marion, NY  

It's been far too long since I have stopped by to say hello.  But, in my thoughts, prayers and my heart  you are with me everyday!  I love you!

05-29-2009 11:51 AM -- By: Aunt Kathy,  From:  

Becky, I've been given some devastating news this week.  I'm hoping you can help give me strength to get through this.  I refuse to let it get me down, so please keep nudging me to remind me.  I love you sweetheart.

05-25-2009 12:03 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

Love you sweetie...missing you so much. This time of year is especially hard for me,dad and your brothers....

05-21-2009 3:29 AM -- By: Dianne/Mom of Nicholas White,  From: Fort Worth, TX  

Praying you sprinkle stardust upon your mom as she drifts off to Dreamland in search of you & of making precious memories

05-19-2009 2:48 AM -- By: Dianne/Mom of Nicholas White,  From: Fort Worth, TX  

When the hurt is difficult to bear may love become ur shelter & may the beauty of precious moments be your comfort {{{Joan}}}

05-13-2009 7:30 PM -- By: Angela,  From: Dau.2.Ang.Linda Taylor  

Thinking of you Becky & of your sweet family!  Sending HUGS & Prayers as always!  God Bless.

05-13-2009 3:44 PM -- By: Dessa Smith Joseph's mom,  From: AR  

Becky I am holding your family up in my prayers. You will forever be remembered with much love. Give your family strength.

05-12-2009 11:19 PM -- By: Dianne/Mom of Nicholas White,  From: Fort Worth, TX  

Sometimes tears are the only words the heart can speak; bringing peace from healing waters & a stream of hope 

05-12-2009 8:25 AM -- By: Ed and Drema,  From: Lexington, Ky  

Thinking of you. Always know you are close in our minds and forever in our hearts. Aunt Joan, you have done an incredible job on this site. We love you so much and are praying for you. Becky, watch over your mom, Hollis and your brothers. Love ya.

05-10-2009 10:00 PM -- By: Aunt Kathy,  From:  

Joan - you have been in my thoughts today as always.  I know it's a difficult day for you, but I also know you had a smile on your face as you remembered all the  things you experienced with Becky over the years.  You have a beautiful family and I know all 5 of your children embraced you today in their own special way.  Love you....

05-10-2009 1:55 PM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 Missing you so much, especially today sweetie. I love you precious angel...you will forever be my little girl.

05-07-2009 3:10 PM -- By: danamarie regans mom cindi,  From: last -memories  

For we all wait till the day we meet again till that time you will remain forever in my heart and in my mind hugs angel ^j^

05-06-2009 12:41 AM -- By: Aunt Kathy,  From: Honeoye NY  

Sending you hugs and kisses....watch over your Mom, Hollis and brothers - I have so much to say but the words don't come easily on paper.  You know I think of you every day - love you sweetheart

05-05-2009 1:19 PM -- By: Aunt Patti,  From:  

Sending our love and prayers to you today and each day.  Watch ever so close over your Mom, Hollis & brothers.  Know that you are missed and loved by so many....love always!

05-04-2009 8:09 AM -- By: Dessa Smith Joseph's mom,  From: AR  

Although we cannot see you, We know just where you are. By day you are our sunshine, By night our brightest star

05-03-2009 3:32 AM -- By: Dianne/Mom of Nicholas White,  From: Fort Worth, TX  

Precious are the memories that you have left behind to comfort ur loving family until you join as one

05-02-2009 7:51 PM -- By: LaRaine~Mom~Cynthia Hernandez,  From: California  

Lighting this candle in your precious memory beautiful Becky. My prayer's to your family who love & miss u so much every single day. Hope u have met my daughter Cynthia and are enjoying the beauty of heaven together. I was so happy when I saw that you had a site here since we can't go on the other site to lite candles right now, but always know that you will forever be treasured in my heart and never ever be forgetten. With hugs & kisses to a beautiful Angel and Becky can you please hug my daughter Cynthia for me she is so loved and missed.    

05-02-2009 12:19 PM -- By: danamarie regans mom cindi,  From: last-memories  

good morning angel sly across the sky and light up moms heart give her a twinkle from the star as you watch over her.  Give dad some extra love and help him feel better. hugs cindi

05-02-2009 3:10 AM -- By: Dianne/Mom of Nicholas White,  From: Fort Worth, TX  

In our terms of time we see ourselves moving away from you, in God's timing we r drawing closer 2 r glorious reunion

05-01-2009 9:33 AM -- By: Tammy Baker,  From: Honeoye, NY  

Sending prayers & love to ur family Becky. SHaring in their sorrow. May u dance with the angels, send angel kisses & hugs in the wind to ur loving mom & dad. May the find peace & comfort in ur memories. God Bless to all.

Tammy/Mom to Angel Stefanie Baker

04-30-2009 3:32 PM -- By: danamarie regans mom,  From: last-memories  

May the wind blow softly around to let you no your little girl is very close to you during these hard days and long journey. Hugs and Prayers for your family and husband.



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