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Joan Pina

Memorial created 01-7-2008 by
Joan Pina
Becky Vidmosko
June 20 1985 - July 5 2003

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09-18-2014 10:12 PM -- By: Marie,  From:  

Love you hon. I miss you more and more each day.Hugs to you and Becky.

09-06-2014 1:46 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 ((hugs)) ..11 years & 2 months have gone by and every day it hurts like it just happened....miss you sweet cheeks..sending love, ((hugs)) & kisses to you & Grandpa! 

09-05-2014 9:57 PM -- By: Aunt Patti,  From:  

 Thinking of you with love....sending hugs and prayers for you and my Dad!  

08-28-2014 10:40 PM -- By: Marie,  From:  

Hi my angels. Missing you so much. I love you

08-27-2014 2:24 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 Missing you baby girl so much! 

08-23-2014 2:26 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 ((hugs)) for you & Grandpa..miss you guys 

08-21-2014 3:09 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 Love you baby girl!!! ((hugs))

08-12-2014 2:37 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 Love & ((hugs)) baby for you & Grandpa...

08-07-2014 2:00 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 Love you baby girl....

08-07-2014 2:00 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 Love you baby girl....

08-06-2014 11:36 PM -- By: Marie,  From:  

Hi my angels. Thinking of you as always and sending my love.Watch over me and keep me safe.  xoxo

07-31-2014 12:27 AM -- By: Marie,  From:  

Goodnight hon. Sending all my love.Hugs for you and Becky

07-26-2014 7:50 PM -- By: Aunt Kathy,  From:  

Becky you are in my thoughts each and every day. I guess as I'm getting older I'm wondering more and more what life is really about.  Why God chooses to bring His children home at the times, and ways that He does.  I'm sure He has a plan, but so many times it's so difficult to understand...love and miss you sweetheart. P.S. Please give grandpa a hug for me. I so wish I could do it myself...

07-23-2014 12:23 AM -- By: Marie,  From:  

Goodnight my love. Miss you hon

07-22-2014 4:29 PM -- By: Janice Sharp,  From: Fort Worth, TX  

Hi Grandpa!!

I had the honor of visiting your grave site today. I took four of your great grandchildren. (JJ, Samantha, Madeline and Annabelle) I know that they would have had so much fun with you. I remember when I was little I would sit on your lap and you would squeeze me and tell me you loved me. Madeline my third child sat criss-cross apple sauce on your grave and she imagined sitting on your lap. I know you're looking down and smiling. I liked the US Navy plaque on the back of your grave stone.Thank you for your service.  Hugs and kiss Grandpa!! Give Becky  and your other great grandchild baby David a big hug!!

Love You,


07-17-2014 12:40 AM -- By: Marie,  From:  

Sending all my love.I miss you so much.

07-17-2014 12:38 AM -- By: Grandma,  From:  

Thinking of you as always. Love you so much.  Give a hug to Grandpa

07-15-2014 2:00 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  


07-06-2014 2:12 PM -- By: Cindy ,  From: Missouri  

 Wish I could have met you. Your brother talks about you all the time. 

07-05-2014 10:30 PM -- By: Susan Milam,  From: Florida  

Beautiful Becky, my thoughts and prayers are with your sweet mom and family on this difficult day. I pray you are with them today and are surrounding them with sweet, comforting memories....

My love to you Joan, Susan

07-05-2014 5:31 PM -- By: Aunt Kerry,  From:  

 11 years ago our hearts were broken because we lost you!  The heavens however were rejoicing for the very special angel they received!  Our thoughts and prayers are of you daily and our love is never ending!  Until we meet again sweet Becky...

07-05-2014 5:13 PM -- By: Aunt Lynne ,  From:  

I know I am not in here often but it doesn't mean I don't think about. You are always in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Miss you and love you so much. 💜

07-05-2014 4:47 PM -- By: Grandma,  From:  

I miss you so much Becky. It breaks my heart to think you left us .Love you.  xo xo

07-05-2014 12:34 PM -- By: Marie,  From: Elbridge, New York  

What a pleasant surprise when I found the remnants of a balloon in my yard, just west of Syracuse, today.  When I read the attached card I knew I had to respond.  I didn't know Becky, but was so moved reading about her life.  This is a wonderful testament to keep Becky alive in everyone's heart and share her story with those that didn't know anything about her. She was most definitly gone too soon.

07-05-2014 12:01 PM -- By: Aunt Patti,  From:  

 Thinking of you with love!  Keep your angel wings around your Mom, Hollis and brothers...Sending love and hugs to you!

07-05-2014 2:04 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 Hardest night to get through for me..miss you baby girl ((hugs))

07-02-2014 2:53 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 Love you sweet cheeks . Missing you so much 

06-27-2014 2:44 AM -- By: Mom,  From:  

 Love you baby girl..((hugs)) for you and Grandpa..miss you guys 

06-22-2014 11:32 PM -- By: Marie,  From:  

Goodnight my love.  I miss you more and more each day


06-20-2014 12:51 PM -- By: Aunt Kerry,  From:  

 Happy Heavenly Birthday our sweet Angel!  Love and miss you so very much!


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