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Joan Pina

Memorial created 01-7-2008 by
Joan Pina
Becky Vidmosko
June 20 1985 - July 5 2003

 Since July 5 , 2003 , there have been so many signs of our Becky around us. The most evident one to me is the appearance of a strange dog. We moved to where we are in Aug. 2006. A few months later  we got ready to leave at 5am one morning. On our porch was a dog that was so skittish and malnourished. I had our canvas chairs there and always kept Beckys next to mine. The dog was sitting in Beckys chair. I fed her some hot dogs and every morning for weeks, she would be there in Beckys chair when we left. It was obvious that she had been abused and I did my best to care for her. She would only lay in Beckys chair- not mine or my husbands. I made up my mind that she would stay with us. When my son Terry took her picture for the Vet to distribute in case she was just lost, we noticed that she had a butterfly mark on her side. No one claimed her, so she officially became ours. We tried different names on her but she never responded to any of them. I  got some ideas from other Angel moms. I tried them all and when I got to the last name, Angel, she came running to me. So, now "Angel" is officially family. I know how much Becky had wanted a dog once we moved from our apartment. And I do think that Angel was sent to us for a reason. She has since broken Beckys chair. After it first broke, she kept trying to get up into it but couldn`t. I put others in her room to use but she refuses to get into them. For weeks she would just rest her head on the arm of the chair until it totally collapsed. At times, I actually think she is human. Lately, when I let her into the main part of the house, she will stop at the cabinet where Beckys urn is and just look up. She can be very jumpy and scared acting at times and when I take all the pictures down to dust, she will back off from them like they scare her. But when I put Beckys picture in front of her, she will come up to it and lick it. Maybe Becky guided her to us, I don`t know. But I am so glad she found us.







 From Beckys` Aunt Kathy....

I was sitting on my deck one day in the summer of 2007. It was a very cloudy day and the clouds just seemed to be talking to me. I saw nothing particular in the sky, but something told me to go get my camera. I started to take a dozen or more pictures of the sky, even though I could still not see anything. I came in immediately and put them on my computer. To my surprise and delight I saw this picture. Truly Becky was visiting me that day. Thank you Becky.

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