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Memorial created 01-7-2008 by
Joan Pina
Becky Vidmosko
June 20 1985 - July 5 2003

Alicia & Chris

When Becky died, I was in shock for weeks. After I received the police report I was so tempted to contact one of the 3 witnesses, just to know about  my babys last minutes on earth. But I was so scared I would hear something that I didn`t want to hear. The police & Drs. had told me that although she had a pulse when she was brought to the hospital, she had actually died on impact. They said she didn`t suffer and that a couple had been with her, talking to her and holding her hand. I put that thought away - I figured they were just telling me that to comfort me. How wrong I was.....

On June 15, 2008 ( 5 days before her 23rd birthday ) I received an email from the lady who was with Becky that night. She and her husband were not witnesses but did stop to try and help. Below is part of her emails to me...

" My name is Alicia Shelton and I was there that night when the accident happened. I was talking to my husband who was driving our car so I was not looking when the accident occurred. My husband Chris and I ran to Rebeccas` car. Her car was in horrible shape and at first we were just trying to see how many people were in her car. She was alone and we couldn`t get her out. I tried, but I couldn`t budge the roof out of the way or open her car door. All I could do was check to see if she was still breathing and try to talk calmly to her while help came. Our only goal was to try and help her out and if we couldn`t, I`d stay there with her until the emergency agencies arrived. Chris kept a safety perimeter around the car, directing traffic and  getting people to back up in case a fire broke out. I found her hand, she was wearing what looked like a promise ring and I tried to pray. Less than 2 minutes later I felt her slip away. I kept trying to pray but I couldn`t get much past "Our father who lives in Heaven..." Then I`d have to start over. It was the only prayer I could bring to words. When the paramedics arrived they  were able to use the jaws of life and cut the car apart to get her out, but I knew in my heart she was already gone. They did their best, they really worked hard, but she was not here anymore. I just wanted you to know that she didn`t suffer, she never woke, and she left this world peacefully. I`m sorry it has taken me almost 5 years to contact her family. I think about your loss each time I go around that curve in the road in front of Dollar General. I pray for her family each 4th of July and always will. May God bless you and help give you peace. Sincerely, Alicia Shelton. "

  Words cannot express what that email meant to me. My biggest fears were that Becky had suffered and that she had died alone. Now I know that  Becky had her own "Earthly Angels" watching over her. Not many people would have done what Alicia and Chris did for a complete stranger. They have brought me, my husband and Beckys brothers such peace.

Alicia and Chris had been trying to have a child for 8 years but had gone through so much anquish when they lost their babies to miscarriage. On August 29, 2003 they were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Gillian, through adoption. I feel like they were with my baby and helped her leave this earthly world with respect and dignity and in turn I feel that God and Becky had a hand in giving them their own little girl to love and cherish.

" I believe God put me there to be with Rebecca so she wouldn`t be alone. I believe He put it in my heart to remember every detail so I could tell her family some day that she was not in pain. I believe that Rebecca is in heaven with God doing all those fun things you know she enjoys. I believe we will all be reunited with our loved ones when God decides the time is right and I believe God knew it would take something huge to start breaking the stones off of my heart to get it ready for the daughter I had no idea was coming.

Things changed the night Rebecca passed away. I was put in a postion where I HAD to pray for someone who couldn`t. It sounded horrible but thank God He knows our hearts and even though the words weren`t leaving my mouth correctly, in my head they were loud and clear, "HELP HER, HELP HER. IF IT`S TOO LATE HELP HER FAMILY & HUG HER WHEN SHE GETS TO HEAVEN!!!"

I wanted to lift up God`s name and acknowledge that even while we are in great pain, suffering from an inconceivable loss and feeling seperated from God, He is always there trying to lead us to learn from all those earthly sensations. I`m not saying that just for your your situation or for mine. I think it`s the same across all of humanity. God teaches each and every one of us, and sometimes learning is very, very painful! But sometimes it is so soft and loving, like the day Rebecca was born, and the morning we met our daughter Gillian. Those sweet times get overshadowed by the harsh cruelness of loss. I find it easy to forget those while I`m going through a painful event in my life. The hardest part of life is holding on to those sweet,quiet moments that pass too quickly. It is so much easier for me to grab a hold of the large life changing events that hurt. Even now when I look into my daughters eyes, part of my mind drifts back to the pain and suffering I went through before she got here. That isn`t fair to her, to God or to myself. But I work on it every day!

I feel like it is my testimony, that I want to lift up God`s name in how He put me there not just to be with Becky during her last minutes on earth, but how we are all tied together by God`s design. I chose to write you also so I could shed some light on the last few seconds of Becky`s life. All the glory to God on this one! I`m attaching a photo. It was taken of Chris & I during our 4th of July celebration on the night of Becky`s accident."

I truly believe that God orchestrated that night. That he put Alicia and Chris in that time and place so Becky would not be alone, that He chose them because He knew that they needed their faith restored. There is nothing we can say or do to thank them enough for all they have done for Becky and our whole family.

Alicia and Chris, you have touched my heart with your kindness toward my baby girl. You are both truly "Angels on Earth".




Every day, in the world around us,
real-life angels are doing the things they do....
and bringing more smiles
to the world around them...
Real-life angels build bridges instead of walls.
They don't play hide-and-seek with the truth,
they do whatever they can to help you.
Real-life angels understand difficulties
and always give the benefit of the doubt.
They don't hold others up to the standards
they can't live by themselves.
Real-life angels are what "inner beauty" is all about.
Real-life angels don't hold things against you;
the only thing they hold...is YOU!!!
They take your hand in theirs
when you could use a little reassurance.
They walk beside you when you could do with a little guidance
and direction in your life.
And they support you in your attempts
to do what is right.
Real-life angels multiply your smiles
and add to your integrity.
They make you feel like,
"Hey,I really am somebody who matters."
Then they quietly prove to you how beautiful
and true that feeling really is.

If you come across an angel like this,
you are one of the luckiest people of all.
If someone in your life is wonderfully like an angel to you,
it's important to let them know...
It's the nicest compliment you could ever give...
in all the days of your life,
and in all the years that you live.

~Author Unknown




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